Pokemon Director Fired for Antisemitism

Here’s the basic rundown:

Animator and director of Pokemon anime (1997-2018) links Jewish JP Morgan to repetitiveness and soulless monetization of his work
Goes on Twitter rant saying things along the lines of the Jews dictating how his shows go
If you know anything about Pokemon from when you are younger, then you know the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, wants to take on and win the Pokemon League, but fails every single time (for the last 20 years)
This director states JP Morgan told him and his team to make Ash lose every time in order to prolong the anime (only a year ago did the animators come out and say they wanted him to win the last league, but due to “external circumstances”, he had to lose the final battle)
Was fired after making a bunch of tweets regarding the “demonic” influence on the industry, and other industries… talkin’ bout the JQ.

His twitter:

Gotta jew them all:
Wow thank you third party that isn’t associated with pokemons content creation:


This is some woke shit:

Damn, he is already being targeted by them. How long before twitter deletes his account?

Japanese people are going off the rails recently, I think they’re tired of getting paid jack shit in their industries for how much work they do.
Japanese banking is pretty Jew-resistant, but when Japan wants to trade anything to the rest of the world they have to go through Jews, and Japs have no leverage because disarmed. So Japs work hard making their anime or whatever else, get paid pennies by Jews to distribute it around the world, Jews get rich off Japs’ work while Japs take pennies because pennies better than zero – unless you’re making Jews rich at the same time, because they will fuck you over long term.
Remember, the way Jews profit from this international finance and trade is they borrow from the future to facilitate trade today, with the inevitable result being that at least ONE international party will be left without a chair when the music stops and it turns out everyone’s been eating his lunch this whole time, and when he can’t pay back whatever he still owes from the stupid game, he wins the stupid prize of being invaded by Zogbots and Jews take control of everything they had. And moron nations are dumb enough to sign up for this for short term interest, or they think they won’t get Jewed by the Jews this time.
h/t shadow332