Poland ready to pay $2bn for US military presence

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Poland is ready to pay up to $2bn for deployment of a permanent US military base in its territory, onet.pl reports citing documents of the Polish defense ministry made public in the internet.

The documents reportedly contain information on possible deployment of military facilities and hospitals as well as schools and gyms for staff and their families. According to the documents, the proposal shows clear and insistent need for a permanent deployment of a US division in Poland and Poland’s obligation to render substantial support that can reach $1.5-2 bn.

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The sum is supposed to cover significant expenditures for building necessary infrastructure and ensuring combat readiness. Besides, some infrastructure that the Polish defense ministry already has can be transferred to the US military. Warsaw says that it is ready to share the financial burden and make a solution more economically effective for the US government. A supplement to the document contains maps of Poland with possible locations of the base, transport hubs and existing military facilities.

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Подробнее: eadaily.com/en/news/2018/05/28/poland-ready-to-pay-2bn-for-us-military-presence


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