Polar vortex pattern suggest we could have a repeat of the 2010 wildfires and drought in Russia! VIDEO

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Summary: This is a weather update covering the erratic position and weakness of the polar vortex which hovers currently above the Barents Sea instead of the Artic ice pack.

Already I’m seeing similarities in jet stream patterns (250 mb) as the year 2010, when 100 ‘s of wild fires broke out in Western Russia starting in the month of July until september 2010!

This is very worrisome as this year weather patterns seems to be more extreme and match the 2010 conditions perfectly.

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They also started much much earlier than 2010. There is currently no reason for concern unless this weather patterns persist throughout the summer!

In that case Europe will have wet and cold weather with lot’s of rain and wind, hail and thunderstorms.

Low pressure systems would walls through Europe one after the other while Parts of Russia will burn to the ground with heat waves accompanied by droughts.

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The 2010 calamity caused billions in damage for Russia and the loss of life in the 56000 !!!

Therefore it is important to monitor the weather this year.

I will make other weather videos in the coming weeks to keep you all informed.


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