POLITICAL TERROR AT UNC: Hacker Erases UNC Conservative Student Publication’s Website: Publication staff have been threatened, intimidated.

A hacker breached the website of a conservative student publication at the University of North Carolina, erasing hundreds of articles and leaving a threatening message for the paper’s staff.

The Carolina Review’s website was left largely blank Wednesday night around 10:00 PM, save for a note the hacker left on the masthead that called editor in chief Bryson Piscitelli a “nazi scum fuck off.” The hack came just hours after one of the Review’s campus distribution boxes—installed last Sunday—was vandalized with the word “racist” in black Sharpie.

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Piscitelli, a sophomore, told the Washington Free Beacon that the school’s liberal political culture has made his publication a target, leading him to believe a student is responsible for the hack.

“The sad truth is, this sort of thing is really not surprising to us,” Piscitelli said. “We all in the back of our minds have always expected this—it’s been a fear certainly, but a thing we’ve had to stoically embrace as people who are not willing to keep in ideological step with the leftwing orthodoxy of the university’s student body.”

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