POLITICO Horrified that 124 Retired U.S. Military Officers Have Released a Letter Stating Joe Biden Stole the Election and is Pushing Marxism

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‘Disturbing and reckless’: Retired brass spread election lie
in attack on Biden, Democrats

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Read the letter here (Warning, PDF):

The open letter from 124 retired officers alarmed current
and former military members concerned about the
politicization of the military.

A day after 124 retired generals and admirals released a
letter spreading the lie that President Joe Biden stole
the election, current and former military officers are
speaking out, calling the missive a dangerous new sign of
the military being dragged into the trenches of partisan

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The open letter on Monday from a group calling itself Flag
Officers 4 America advanced the false conspiracy theory
that the presidential vote was rigged in Biden’s favor and
warned that the nation is “in deep peril” from “a full-
blown assault on our Constitutional rights.”

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“Under a Democrat Congress and the Current
Administration,” they wrote, “our Country has taken a hard
left turn toward Socialism and a Marxist form of
tyrannical government which must be countered now by
electing congressional and presidential candidates who
will always act to defend our Constitutional Republic.”




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