Poll: 76% of Conservatives Don’t Trust Facebook

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Clearly, conservatives have more common sense

“More than three out of four conservatives say that they do not trust Facebook to treat all of its users equally, according to a new poll, which adds that more than half of respondents also said they hold the same views regarding Google, YouTube, and Twitter. The poll was released amid growing controversy surrounding the Masters of the Universe involving censorship of conservatives.

Nearly 77 percent of conservatives do not trust Facebook, according to a recent poll conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, which asked conservatives questions about their opinions regarding Big Tech companies, such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter, according to a report by News Busters.

The poll found that 76.7 percent of conservative respondents do not trust Facebook to treat all of its users equally, adding that the majority of the overall respondents — 63.4 percent — had also admitted to finding Facebook untrustworthy with regards to treating all of its users equally.”



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