Potentially debunking the “highest surge of Covid with 80,000 new cases” story being pushed

by KorrectDaRekard

Yesterday the news was flooded with reports on how the U.S is seeing the largest surge in cases since June with 80,000, however this may not be entirely accurate. Over the past few months we’ve seen reports of large spikes in cases in individual states, only to find out weeks later that these were due to either backlogs of data or computer glitches, many times resulting several thousands of older cases being added. It is very possible that this is what is happening here, as 4 states (or cities) have already come forward and stated many of these “new cases” are actually backlogged data. I imagine more reports from states revealing this current spike is a result of backlogged will pop up in the coming weeks. Furthermore, I am willing to bet that this could be intentional and is being done for political purposes. Covid has become a major election talking point, and voters seeing a massive spike could sway their vote.

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As of now, these are the states/cities officially reporting backlogged data being included in this current spike…

Alabama 2,565 of the new cases were backlogged from June…

Los Angeles – 2000 of the “new cases” were backlogged from August

Louisianna – 400 of the “new cases” were backlogged from September

North Dokata 800 new cases were Backlogged