POTUS Will Ask The People, Do We Need The Fed?

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Wholesale trade sales decline this is one of the biggest drops since 2 years ago. The Housing market is doomed, everything has been engineered away from the big banks to non-banks and when the crisis hits they will take the fall. Fed governor says QE unwind to slow that’s why we are seeing the market react the way it is, faster unwind will fix the problem. Cohn leaves the White House Blankfein leaves Goldman, coincidence, I think not. 11 countries decided to sign the TPP without the US. They are doomed in the long run. Soon POTUS will ask the people if we really need the Fed, the IMF etc. The people will decide where we go next.

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6 thoughts on “POTUS Will Ask The People, Do We Need The Fed?

  1. What do we need them for? Is there another way that will benefit the people, and if so, why aren’t we doing it?

  2. Anyone can print unlimited amounts of fiat money to shower on wall street as long as they have congressional approval.

  3. I’ve seen ten presidents take their turn in the White House. 37 years of “voting the bums out”. Not one of those jokers has done anything to reverse the ongoing trend of bloated, bureaucratic government, bigger deficits, more war, and fewer freedoms. Our infrastructure dates back to and Eisenhower; our schools are now ranked behind many in the Third World, and the average citizen can no longer identify our Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Heck, most of our leaders can’t either. So I don’t know who these “people” are that the POTUS will answer to, but my guess is it won’t be us.

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