POWER SHIFT As Russia Sells Off US Debt! – Countries Buy Up Gold

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent news that Russia has almost completely rid itself of US debt despite owning over $180 billion in 2011. The country is now down to about $14 billion and is looking to make that number zero.
China and Japan is also selling a lot of its US debt.
All the while, Russia is buying up massive amounts of gold alongside countries like Hungary which just increased its gold ownership tenfold.
This coincides with countless currency swaps around the planet and the inevitable fall of the centrally planned, legal tender fiat world reserve system as it appears power is being shifted to places like China over the United States. There is no doubt that there is preparation for a new order. China appears to be at the top of that movement.
Russia is also increasing its gold mining abilities dramatically while Canada and Norway sell off all of their gold. No one is shocked, however everyone should be prepared for what’s next.

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