PPSD? ‘Experts’: 300,000 Brits At Risk For Heart-Related Issues Due To New illness Called “Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder” WWII

Everything, including the kitchen sink, but the vax.
Did some Brits get a ‘special’ vax that targets a specific ethnicity?

POST plandemic? Meaning AFTER? Like it is over?

Over a quarter of a million Brits could face a new heart-related illness due to ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’ (PPSD), two London physicians have warned.
They claim that this could result in a 4.5% rise in cardiovascular cases in Britain because of the effects of ‘PPSD’, with those aged between 30 to 45 most at-risk.

The claims by the physicians come less than a month after a report by Dr. Steven Gundry in the American Heart Association in which he said that mRNA COVID vaccines more than doubled the risk of developing an acute coronary syndrome, such as a heart attack.

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HEARTACHE Urgent warning from heart surgeons as quarter of a million Brits at risk

COVID Stress is Bigger Than The World War 2 Trauma

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused mass trauma on a larger scale than World War II, and the impact will last “for many years to come,” the World Health Organization’s top official had said. As per Vogue, experts are calling this mass trauma a post-pandemic stress disorder, a form of COVID-19-induced PTSD. However, PPSD is not yet a recognised mental health condition.




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