Prediction: Deep State + Military Industrial Complex Will Do a Massive Terrorist Attack and it will Come Out That Iranian Hezbollah Was Behind It, Justifying War With Iran

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by TalmudGod_Yaldabaoth


Considering Trump stopped retaliation for the Questionable Drone Downing near or over Iran, depending on which side you hear it from, and the NWO and war mongering Military Industrial Complex’s whole M.O. is to destroy and destabilize all the countries surrounding Israel, as seen in the Yinon Plan:

Basically that Groups that want Iran destroyed, didn’t get what they want. The drone got shot down and Trump didn’t retaliate, The oil tankers were bombed and Trump didn’t retaliate.

So my prediction is that these same Groups are going to make sure a massive Terrorist attack happens on U.S. soil within the next 6-12 months, and it will come out that Iranian Hezbollah was behind it, and this will force Trump’s hand to finally give them what they want




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