President Trump And The First Lady Made A Promise To Donate $1 Million Of Their Own Money To Hurricane Harvey Relief – Did They Keep It?

by Ruby Henley
President Trump and the First Lady made a promise to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and many are asking if they kept it.  They gave $1 million of their own money to charities helping the Houston area recover from Hurricane Harvey.  After witnessing the charities working firsthand themselves, they knew where they wanted their donation to go.  They split the gift among 12 nonprofits, the White House announced Wednesday.
The two largest individual gifts were given to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.  These two well respected charities received $300,000 each.  I know for a fact that there is no better charity to support than the Salvation Army, as they are genuine and their outreach is impeccable.

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I think President Trump and the First Lady chose their recipients well.  Samaritan’s Purse, of course, is Franklin Graham’s organization, and it also has impeccable credentials.
For those of you who remember that President Trump said he would not take a presidential salary, you might be wondering if he kept that promise.  
President Trump made good on his promise to donate his presidential salary. The first quarter’s salary, $78,333, was given to the National Park Service for the maintenance of historic battlefields. His second quarter’s salary was given to the Education Department to help fund a science camp.
So as you can see, the President and the First Lady do keep their promises. I wish everyone did.