President Trump Coy About Social Media Comeback but Says Twitter Did Him ‘a Favor’… President Trump: America No Longer Has a ‘Free Press’

President Trump Coy About Social Media Comeback but Says Twitter Did Him ‘a Favor’’

Former President Donald Trump, in an interview, decried the media landscape in the United States, saying it no longer has a “free press.”

Using the current border crisis as an example of the lack of proper coverage, Trump said, “This is not a free press,” during an interview on Lisa Boothe’s podcast on March 22.

“This is a press that we have to be very, very smart to get around, but they don’t cover bad things if it happens to be bad for Democrats. It’s pretty amazing. You take a look at some of the coverage and some of the travesty that’s taking place at the border, and the coverage is not commensurate,” he said.

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“If you look at NBC, ABC, CBS, and of course CNN and MSNBC, and see—if you look at some of those networks—it’s just not covered. It’s covered so little. It’s amazing. And it’s a massive story because it’s going to destroy—it’s going to destroy our country.”


President Trump: America No Longer Has a ‘Free Press’

Former President Donald Trump on Monday declined to confirm reports that he’s poised to make a social media comeback, but said that in the meantime, he’s enjoying emailed press releases more than his former Twitter feed.


“We have a lot of options and something will happen with social media if I want it to happen,” Trump said in an interview with Greg Kelly on Newsmax.

Trump senior adviser Jason Miller told Fox News on Sunday that ”I do think we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here with his own platform.”

But Trump, who formerly issued headline-grabbing tweets around the clock, insisted to Kelly he’s actually enjoyed his break from social media after Twitter, and Facebook, deplatformed him following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. He said the companies did him “a favor.”


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