President Trump Drinks Water from Bottle, Leftist Media Goes Berserk

by Chris Black

The latest news on the Trump Derangement Syndrome epidemic which wreaks havoc in the US for more than a year now is about a water bottle. Yes, you got that right. President Trump dared to take a sip of water from a plastic water bottle during one of his recent speeches and the world’s mainstream media went completely bonkers over the shocking incident.

This is the sad state of affairs in the corporate mainstream media and at the bottom of the article are a few screenshots which prove beyond reasonable doubt (pun intended) how much the establishment literally hates the Donald.
No matter how insignificant/trivial/meaningless the subject matter is, the mainstream media pundits will waste no opportunity to criticize the POTUS. Here’s a video via ABC News that will worth your while, as it depicts how Trump-obsessed these guys really are.
The histrionic-personality-disorder-boasting late night talk show hosts also piggybacked on the so-called water bottle incident in their attempt to mock the POTUS one more time. Here’s Stephen Colbert proving once again that satire is dead on the left side of the force:

It’s obvious that these clowns pay absolutely no attention to what the POTUS is actually saying or doing. Instead, they’re obsessing on his facial expressions, or on how he moves his arms, displaying a child-like state of mind. This is literally the kind of behavior you expect to see on a 12 year old for Christ’s sake! These people need to grow up.
To quote from the classics: when this is all you got, you’ve got nothing. For months we had to listen to Hillary cough, hack, cough, hack and cough some more, but the media wouldn’t even admit she was ill or possibly had anything wrong at all. Yeah, sure, it was “allergies” and “pneumonia.” But Trump somehow is supposed to talk all day and never get thirsty? They have so little on Trump they have to go nuts for the way he drinks? Pathetic.
So far, in my opinion, this is the lowest of all left embarrassing 2017 moments. I remember when Bush vomited on someone, when Hillary fainted and fell over, when little Bush had shoes thrown at him, and the list goes on and on with strange moments. Who really cares if someone needs to drink water? We are all human.