President Trump Drops Truth Bomb: The Biggest Enemy of US is Fake Media

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by Chris Black

President Trump tweeted yesterday that the news coverage by the “usual suspects” (read WaPo, CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT etc.) of the Singapore summit with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un has been so negative, so dishonest and so distorted, that he said: enough is enough. He further tweeted that the biggest enemy America is now facing is the fake news media. Pretty shocking words coming from the leader of the free world, don’t you think?

The liberal left and the “destroy Trump” media are now going berserk. According to them, this makes for an unprecedented assault  on freedom of the press, and more “proof” that Trump is a wannabe dictator and Literally Hitler, you know that progressive palaver already. However, the truth is somewhere in the middle, as usual. Objectively speaking, America faces five fundamental enemies (in no particular order):

Number one, we face an historic invasion from the South, as we now have illegal immigration that is destroying our country, a phenomenon that is going on for 25 years if not more. We currently have at least 20 million illegal aliens living and sucking at the welfare tit in the US, and according to some estimates, the real number can be as  high as 40 million. This is not happening just in the US, but it’s part of the globalist plan to essentially destroy Western civilization. Hungary’s prime minister Victor Orban has now come out and said that what’s going on in his neck of the woods (European Union that is) is basically population replacement. And he’s right. This is an attempt at population replacement by the same globalists who indoctrinated the West a generation ago that we must have fewer kids to “live sustainably” and all that crap. Now they say the West has very low birthrates and immigration from the third world is the only way to deal with this issue.

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Number two: the rise of communist China, as the chicoms are poised to be the next superpower in the world, and they’ve been doing it by stealing US wealth, factories, intellectual property, jobs, manufacturing et al.

Number three is the rise of radical Islam, as they’ve already invaded Europe, and they are now rampaging across much of the Middle East; they also have terrorist cells in all 50 states of America etc. This is a dire threat to America’s national security.

Number four is our ticking national debt, which threatens to destroy the country. This debt was racked up 21 to 22 trillion plus 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities by both the REP and DEM establishment in DC.

Number five is the deep state, which is now a shadow government  that had seized the commanding heights of political power in the US, whether be the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ or whatever alphabet soup agency you can think about, and there are many. The deep state seems to believe it’s above the law and essentially, they run the show. It is this deep state that is now going after the POTUS, and wants to overthrow him from power. Clearly, the deep state works hand in hand with the fake news globalist media to bring down this president.

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And that’s why ultimately, President Trump is kind of right: the media in this country is our biggest enemy. Who is whitewashing the crimes and the rise of communist China?  Who is indoctrinating the population with the “Islam is the religion of peace” mantra? Who defended Obama in particular, as he doubled our national debt from 9 to 18 trillion? Who is the one who is aiding and abetting, and colluding with the deep state in their attempt to bring down the POTUS? The answer is: the fake news media. When Trump says that the media is the biggest enemy of the American people, he’s not just speaking the truth, he’s speaking God’s truth, and I agree with him 1000%. Do you?


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