President Trump is Finally Making the Right Moves Abroad

by Robert Carbery

President Trump is finally doing what he promised to do on the campaign trail. He is working with Putin’s Russia to solve the catastrophic Syrian civil war, striking a cease fire agreement and working together over pursuing separate goals. But there is one big story that surfaced on Wednesday that could prove monumental in the Middle East.
I have written about the CIA’s role in the creation of ISIS and America’s creation of terrorist groups across the Middle East, a disgusting tactic sowing even more chaos throughout the region. In turn, Russia has armed the Taliban against American troops in Afghanistan. Such a mess, but things could finally be turning around in Syria at least.
President Trump appears to be taking more control of major foreign policy decisions as opposed to simply leaving it all to the generals perpetrating their military industrial complex through constant and neverending war.
Trump has decided to finally end the CIA’s covert program to end the arming and training of “moderate” Syrian “rebels” fighting against Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria. This crucial development came from U.S. officials who spoke to the Washington Post. The program was started by the naive and ultimately destructive Obama administration in 2013 in an effort to pressure Assad to step aside. However, this move has resulted in more terrorists and well trained jihadists in Syria and Iraq while Russia has made serious moves in aiding in the stabilization of the war torn country. Even the CIA program’s backers have questioned the efficiency of the program, opting instead to coordinate more with Russia instead of continuing this feeble attempt at regime change.
The program has cost hundreds of millions of dollars and Trump is right to stop it. He should’ve done it right away. Officials told the WaPo that the decision was made nearly a month ago. Is the commander in chief coming to his senses? Are we done shooting Syrian jets out of the sky and launching cruise missiles from the sea?
This decision by Trump signals his interest in furthering our close work with Russia in the country. After his July 7 meeting with Putin at the G20 Summit in Germany, it looks like the president is doubling down on dealing with the Russian leader. Let’s hope he has totally stepped off of the regime change pedal and is moving toward peace.

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The cease-fire in southwest Syria seems to be holding for the most part and is a mandatory first step toward ending the hostilities. Many of the CIA-backed rebels have been operating in that part of the country and the decision to stop training these individuals who arm or become terrorists is a no-brainer in working together with the major players in the conflict to bring peace as soon as possible.
The moderate rebels’ ties to jihadist groups such as ISIS and al-Nusra are undeniable. Even the hapless neoconservative politicians are finally coming to this realization. It’s about damn time.
Mainstream media sources are of course calling this a win for Russia. They fail to see how this is furthering peace and a win for everyone but the terrorists. They are complicit in encouraging the CIA-backed efforts to flood Syria with American-trained terrorists. They are suffering from Russia-mania.
This is a great first step toward upending the neoconservative status quo of endless war and a battlefield with no borders. The funding and arming of terrorists must stop and Trump has done that in Syria.


8 thoughts on “President Trump is Finally Making the Right Moves Abroad”

  1. Just look at the people who are saying he is caving to Putin. Look at their names and tell me what country they represent. No way to really spin this as a negative. Huge win here if it holds up.

  2. If the USA really is the chief sponsor (and creator) if ISIS, then what can be done about it? A person just can’t step up and citizens arrest Trump.


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