President Trump says he approved TikTok deal with Walmart, Oracle in ‘concept’

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“We have some very big news on TikTok,” Trump said Saturday. “TikTok is moving along. We’re dealing with Oracle, which you know of, Larry Ellison. And we’re dealing with, as a combination, Walmart — Walmart, a great company, a great, American company. The security will be 100%. They’ll be using separate clouds and a lot of very, very powerful security. And they’ll be making about a $5 billion contribution toward education.”

“They’re going to be setting up a very large fund for the education of American youth, and that will be great,” he added. “That’s their contribution that I’ve been asking for. But we’ll see whether or not it all happens.”

When asked by a reporter if he approved the deal, Trump said, “I approve the deal in concept, yes.”



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