President Trump Tweets To The American People, Letting Us Know He Is Two Steps Ahead Of North Korea…. LINKS TO UPDATES ON NORTH KOREA.

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by Pamela Williams
President Trump is tweeting again, showing he is two steps ahead of North Korea. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he has his strategy neatly in place.  You have to connect China to North Korea, as  China has the power to make or break North Korea.  During this fragile time China needs an incentive to reign in the out of control Lil’ Kim.  He is not only out of control now, he has never been in control of his senses.  He is a nuclear war waiting to happen.
President Donald Trump said in a note on Twitter on Tuesday that he told China’s President Xi Jinping that Beijing would get a better trade deal with Washington if it helped solve the U.S. problem with North Korea.  That is definitely the winning strategy in dealing with China: trade deals!   
“I explained to the president of China that a trade deal with the U.S. will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean problem!” Trump, who held talks with Xi in Florida last week, wrote on Twitter. “North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them!” he added in a second note.

The reckless actions of North Korea are at a fever pitch level.  Behind the scenes there is speculation of more missiles being fired.  North Korea is getting ready to  mark the anniversary of the 105th birthday of its late founder on Saturday.  It would make sense that they celebrate with a demonstration of military might.
Thousands of troops and top military officials gathered in Pyongyang on Monday to pledge loyalty to leader Kim Jong-Un ahead of his grandfather’s birth anniversary.  The fact that the whole Country supports Kim’s bizarre behavior is a mystery. I am sure they are all afraid he will murder them, if they dare to oppose him.  
State TV showed thousands of soldiers marching in unison, carrying giant portraits of the regime’s founder Kim Il-Sung and his son, Kim Jong-Il. “If they try to ignite the spark of war, we will wipe out all of the invaders without a trace with… our strong pre-emptive nuclear strike,” Hwang Pyong-So, director of the political bureau at the North’s army, said in a speech.  Kim was not seen at the event.  Maybe he is in hiding or has a hangover.  
The South’s prime minister and acting president warned of a “grave provocation” by the North to coincide with other anniversaries. “There is a possibility that the North launches more grave provocations such as another nuclear test to mark a number of anniversaries,” Hwang Kyo-Ahn said in a cabinet meeting.  Pyongyang is on a quest to develop a long-range missile capable of hitting the US mainland with a nuclear warhead, and has so far staged five nuclear tests.  Satellite imagery shows North Korea could be preparing for a sixth, with intelligence officials warning it could be less than two years away from achieving the ability to strike the continental United States.
South Korea’s top nuclear envoy said Monday after talks with his Chinese counterpart that the two nations had agreed to “strong” new measures to punish Pyongyang if it carried out another nuclear test.  This is well and fine, but the next “test” could be the one we fear.  There have been too many tests, and it is ridiculous at this point to look at them as benign.
The talks were no doubt influenced by Trump hosting Chinese leader Xi Jinping at Mar-A-Largo, and the fact he laid all his cards on the table for China to see.  He made his pitch to China, and lets hope China took the deal.
“(We) are prepared to chart our own course if this is something China is just unable to coordinate with us,” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said after the summit.  While a US unilateral strike on North Korea from a shorter range might be more effective, it would endanger many civilians in the South and risk triggering a broader military conflict.
I think the US is being very street smart in dealing with China and North Korea, and I do believe President Trump is two steps ahead of the two Countries.  We had better pray he is, as this is not a situation that is going to go away.  It has to be dealt with now.
Of course, North Korea  has denounced the US deployment of a naval strike group to the region Tuesday, warning it is ready for “war” as Washington takes a bold step toward the Country.  Whatever move the US makes at this point is in the roll of the dice.  I am sure it is questionable to any Military Advisor what the next move should be. How do you read the next step of a mad man – you can’t. The US strike group on its way to the Korean peninsula includes the Nimitz-class aircraft supercarrier USS Carl Vinson.  May God be with the US, as we try to stay two steps ahead of the unpredictable madness that is North Korea.

Published on Mar 21, 2017
U.N. Nuclear Inspector: North Korea’s Capability Has Entered A ‘New Phase’ – And while a diplomatic solution is necessary, one is unlikely to be reached, warns Yukiya Amano.
North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has entered a “new phase,” with the country having doubled the size of its uranium-enrichment facility in recent years, Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told The Wall Street Journal.
“The situation is very bad …. It has gone into a new phase,” Amano told the publication Monday. “All of the indications point to the fact that North Korea is making progress, as they declared.”
And while Amano believes a diplomatic solution, like the one he helped broker between world powers and Iran in 2015, is “essential,” he’s skeptical such an agreement can be reached with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his government.
“We don’t have the reason to be optimistic,” he told the Journal.…

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14 thoughts on “President Trump Tweets To The American People, Letting Us Know He Is Two Steps Ahead Of North Korea…. LINKS TO UPDATES ON NORTH KOREA.

  1. So, let me get this straight. Trump offers China a better Trade Deal then the current one. Ok, so how much more of OUR Debt to China is a “better deal” going to involve. I mean the current Deal has them Owning Us already. Whats left to give?

      • What is He doing? Sending War Ships to N Korea’s Coast. Making threats and basically chest beating. Great way to stop a Nuke War!
        Oh, and I don’t need to listen to that. As there is NO COHERENT STRATEGY in PLAY here. Accept that “Might Makes Right” seems to be the Overall Strategy. Bomb Syria to show strength, when only exposing weakness. Trump is now beholden to Neo-Cons. WW3 is on it’s way.

        • cold, you need to calm down and realize the US has done everything possible to deal with North Korea. It is not working. It is time to take care of business, so take your little self and hide under your bed.

          • Sabre Rattling isn’t Diplomacy. Duck & Cover dosen’t work. It isn’t working because if they give up Nukes, they get Conquered. Just like Libya, Iraq, Syria etc. Look how well things are going in South America. We had “nothing’ to with that either. N Korea see’s what we do to Countries that we want to control and want none of it.
            Why are 1000’s of miles from USA telling others what to do in the first place? Ooops, I meant $$$$$$$?

    • No. IF China fixes the NorK problem the new deal won’t be as bad for China. As it is, it will be less than the free ride they currently enjoy. How much less is the question.

      • There won’t be any “bad deals” for China. Unless We start manufacturing stuff ourselves. China has the upper hand here. They are also carrying OUR Debt, for Us. What happens when they change their minds about that? It is US who are getting the “Free Ride” as of now.Not China.
        China is using Our fiat dollars to produce/buy Gold. What will be OUR answer to that?

  2. ‘Ol Trumpy is looking like The Perfect War Monger. Why are the elite mad?
    We’ll get WW3 going – whatever it takes – to save the Dollar

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