President Trump will go nuclear, if necessary; will do what-ever is necessary required by the constitution/people.

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by Amy

PT and We the People have mountains/mountains of evidence that proves way beyond any reasonable doubt of foreign/domestic criminal acts, and treasonous acts, to implement intentional voter fraud to directly destroy the U.S. constitution, reverse the will of the America people and to change the U.S into a 3rd world country.

Constitution has/sees mountains of evidence that will destroy the constitution.

Small group of globalist/elitist used the elimination of justice that enforces the rule of law and protect the constitution/people to ensure the U.S. will be a slave nation to globalist.

Small group of globalist/elitist also used the media to brain-wash and misinformed 30% of the people that globalism will make their lives better without a U.S. constitution. The 30% just don’t realize they have been tricked into slavery and will be living in a 3rd world country; most will be living in a country worse than the 3rd world country they or their parents ran away from.

Congress/Senate/Courts and the Supreme Court have betrayed the constitution/people for their own self-interest of power and much more.

Congress/Senate is trying to take away PT powers to go Nuclear, if necessary, in protecting the U.S. constitution/people (PT sworn duty).

Abraham Lincoln exercised powers not constitutional granted to a president. Why? The constitution required Lincoln to do what-ever is necessary to save the constitution and this nation at any risk/cost.

PT will exercise his powers beyond what the constitution grants PT, if necessary. Why? The constitution requires PT to do what-ever is necessary to save the constitution and this nation at any risk/cost.

If Lincoln did and if PT does anything less than doing what-ever is necessary to protect the constitution and this nation, it would be a dereliction of duty to the highest degree.

Congress/Senate can’t use its power to protect itself from their dereliction of duty to protect the constitution and comply with the will of the majority of the American people, and for partnering with foreign enemies; these are criminal acts.

Just like DOJ/FBI giving out alleged immunity deals for Hillary email investigation for no consideration and being part of a coup conspiracy, are criminal acts and can be reversed; criminals can’t give each other immunity deals.

And since justice, rule of law and the constitution has not been complied to or completely eliminated for the past 4-years; PT can do what-ever is necessary to fight for the constitution and the will of the American people. This is what great president do, in fact, this is what any president would do when the truth/facts are 100% on their side and the survival of this constitutional republic is at risk.

And PT, if necessary, must go beyond the powers granted by the constitution, as Lincoln did, to circle back to protect the constitution.

PT will do whatever is necessary as would Lincoln to save this nation, or what Washington did to create this nation.

Great presidents/leaders, when the on-gong concern of the constitution and this nation is at risk; they will ignore the rules for the greater good. This is what great president/leaders are required to do.

PT is holding unbeatable prosecutorial foreign/domestic voter fraud cases and 4 years of coup/treasonous cases in which 90% of these criminals will plea eventually.

When PT finishes what he started/achieved to date and implements equal justice by enforcing/saving the rule of law that protects the constitution/people; than PT will be a great president like Washington/Lincoln.

PT will Win this election and implement equal justice; one of the most important presidential acts in U.S. history.



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