President Trump’s Top Advisers Worth Nearly $2 Billion

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By Gabrielle Seunagal

The White House’s finance disclosure documents recently revealed that the President’s top four advisors collectively amount to nearly $2 billion. Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, and Jared Kushner have assets that total between $757 million and $1.9 billion. Jared Kushner, son-in-law to President Trump holds nearly $700 million dollars worth of assets with his wife, Ivanka Trump. Some people have asserted that the recent financial disclosures are alarming, due to how much the President appealed to working class families during his 2016 campaign. This accusation is absurd and ridiculous. While Mr. Trump’s policies will benefit the middle class, this does not mean that he is morally barred from working with wealthy Americans.

Instead of bashing the wealthy men and women of this nation who surround the President, we should be taking cues from them. Every American should strive for success and affluence. Wealthy people should be imitated, not demonized. Those who resent wealthy people such as Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are doing themselves a major disservice. The media is not helping matters either by insinuating that wealthy people should not advise the President. Instead of turning affluent Americans into pariahs, we should respect them and study the methods they used to earn their vast incomes.
In order for this nation to truly thrive, we the people must admire and aspire to be the entrepreneurs, the business owners, the dealmakers. Success is something to work towards, not fight against. People who bash thriving individuals usually do so as an unfortunate offshoot of their own envy and shortcomings. Bannon, Priebus, Kushner, and Ivanka Trump are outstanding Presidential advisers because they have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to make the proper judgement calls.

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12 thoughts on “President Trump’s Top Advisers Worth Nearly $2 Billion

  1. So it wouldn’t make sense then that Trump is “of the people”. It seems like he is batting for the 1%.
    ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

      • I guess if you are easily mislead or can’t analyse things or get fooled by cons then you have to learn the hard way. Denial is a big part of the problem. I see a lot of denial expressed online.

        • I’m also seeing a lot of fake online views being pushed to support the right narrative. It’s not difficult to notice news articles (The Hill as an example) that pertain to Trump and Russia have over 3k to 8K in comments, yet other federal government issues articles have only 300 to 900 replies.

        • Problem… we ALL “learn the hard way” even if some of us know better. Falls under the umbrella of “The Innocent Suffer with the Guilty”…~!!!

  2. Is this a clue on how the “tax reform” will work out? When a person amasses that much money the only thing they want for is to keep it and stay out of jail. Another clue that Trump will never let Hillary be prosecuted. Me thinks we’ve been bamboozled again. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2nd Amendment is near abolished before year end.

  3. President Trump’s Top Advisers Worth Nearly $2 Billion ….
    WOW …

    • Born Again is a Trump SUPPORTER we have to believe??? Wonder if Born is old enough to remember Ross Perot… only Ross was pulled BEFORE he actually was elected… guess his ego was not quite as big as “The Donald’s”….

  4. Replace the swamp monsters with the same number of random homeless people – that should get Trump back to reality.

  5. Yeah, sure.. people in that nose-bleed economic arena really bleed for the homeless… we know, we know.
    This defense of the elites who have pulled the strings on this country for the last 75+ years, has always been exactly the same… they are “better educated”, “more experienced in banking, investing, politics”, and “they are equipped to ‘be public SERVANTS’….
    Who is kidding whom? Do the people who make this inane argument ever really listen to themselves.. ????
    OR… do they still believe that the peon with the JOB.. (just over broke) is so ill educated, gullible …. and trusting that they suck up whatever sewage that they “media”/paid to lie skum and ‘paid-to-pander to the politicians pimps’… pump out?
    I think the lowly worm is turning…. better watch out, the dummies waking up is the wealthy elite’s worst nightmare.

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