Pro-Putinists are at Heart Multiculturalist Abrahamists

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by Chris Black

Even the ones larping as right-wing nationalists fall into this category.

Bring up Putin’s support for multiculturalism, and they will invariably defend it, and tell you why multiculturalism is great when done in Russia (“Uzbeks, Chechens and Tajiks are light-skinned n sheeeit goy”), and only bad when done in the West.

Notice the mind-fuck here: bash Western countries for embracing destructive multiculturalism, praise Russia for doing the same.

Bash the West for allowing Muslims in, praise Russia’s growing Muslim population (the largest in Europe) as “based Abrahamists”.

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It’s all literally a KGB disinfo mind-fuck to win your support for Eurasian globalist race-mixing and destruction of national borders.

It’s globalism without trannies and that’s how these mutt-men will sell it to you.

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