Problem, Reaction, Solution. The corrupt criminals who run the governments at all levels, all over the world, have intentionally created a crisis in order to bring in a predetermined solution.

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The Repo Madness has been causing massive disruption in the financial system and the Fed has been pushing the boundaries further and further. Central banks, governments, financial companies work as one unit. Do not be fooled and believe anything will ever change. A system which has operated for hundreds, or perhaps thousands of years, will not be disrupted under any circumstances. Instead, they give people a false sense of hope and then crush their bones.

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Mnuchin open to looser rules backed by Dimon to ease repo stress – BNN Bloomberg

Mnuchin open to looser rules backed by Dimon to ease repo stress – BNN Bloomberg

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US consumer confidence for October comes in at 125.9, vs 128 expected

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U.S. Economy: Manufacturing Is Now Smallest Share Of U.S. Economy In 72 Years

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America’s Middle Class Is Addicted to a New Kind of Credit

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America’s Middle Class Is Getting Hooked on Debt With 100% Rates – BNN Bloomberg

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Cracks in U.S. consumer emerge as banks say everything looks fine – BNN Bloomberg

Consumer Cracks Emerge as Banks Say Everything Looks Fine

Don’t Let the U.S. Economy Hit Stall Speed – BNN Bloomberg

Buenos Aires Times | US$200 limit: Central Bank tightens currency controls in wake of election

Lebanon’s c. bank urges quick solution to avoid future collapse | National Post




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