Progressives Are Nothing More Than Commie Larpers

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by Chris Black

Progressive leftists demand a “jobs guarantee!” yet they advocate for gutting the entire energy industry, shutting down coal and oil production, shutting down oil and gas pipelines, shutting down the logging industry, factories, etc… to “save the planet”.

They also whine a lot about corporations and seem to want to shut those down too, which would eliminate millions more jobs.

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So they want to take away millions and millions of jobs, shut down entire sectors of the economy, ban everything they don’t like, but then demand a “jobs guarantee!”

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I guess they literally want the government to pay them to loaf around at home sipping on their soy lattes while playing video games and streaming on Twitch ranting about socialism and trans rights.

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They believe in “Modern Monetary Theory” which says you can just print infinity money without causing inflation and a devaluing of the currency.

How’d that work out in Zimbabwe and Venezuela?

In other words, they want to straight up end the economy for some commie utopia fantasy only seen in movies.


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