Project Veritas: Chase Bank says it won’t do business with ‘Those kind of people’ (Trump supporting Alt-Right)

(Washington DC) Project Veritas has released a video report (the full 10 minute version can be found below) about a man whose Chase bank account was shut down without being given a reason. The report, which includes testimony from Enrique Tarrio, the man whose Chase account was terminated, features undercover video of conversations with bank professionals discussing the account’s closure.

Before the account’s termination, Tarrio, whose website sells provocative conservative merchandise, spoke to Chase bank professionals.

Undercover audio from a conversation with a Chase employee working in Chase Corporate Global Media Relations reveal that Chase bank makes political judgments about their customers.

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CHASE: Right so I mean, Chase is not involved with any like, you know, alt right people or anything. I really can’t name names but it’s basically like we don’t get involved with any of that…

JOURNALIST: Really? Okay… So I mean on my end I’m talking about people like Trump supporters for instance. The MAGA, whatever – make, whatever the hell they, those types of people, I mean individuals –

CHASE: Right, right. I know what you mean, but like I said the call is being recorded, monitored, so I can’t get too political. And say I don’t support these people, or this, but you know, any kind of business entity, people like that, no moral character or anything like that, the bank usually doesn’t get involved with that.”

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Debanking: Chase Bank Says “moral character” a Reason They Don’t Do Business with “those types of people”

The Full 10 minute report is at the bottom of this link vvvv


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