Psaki says Hunter doesn’t have to say to who he sold Chinese holding,different rules for peasants.

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Hunter’s artistic license! Psaki says President’s son doesn’t have to reveal who he finally sold his Chinese investment to or how much he made – and REFUSES to say whether she now accepts his scandalous laptop is real

  • Jen Psaki, the White House spokesman, on Monday was asked who bought Hunter Biden’s share in a Chinese private equity firm
  • The president’s son was among the founders of BHR, which specialized in buying investments and then flipping them for a profit
  • He and two other Americans controlled 30 per cent of BHR; the rest was held by Chinese business interests
  • In October 2019 Hunter announced that he was stepping down from the board and he did so in April 2020, but divesting has taken much longer
  • Last month Hunter’s lawyer Chris Clark finally confirmed that Hunter no longer had any financial interest in the Shanghai-based firm
  • On Monday Psaki refused to say who Hunter sold his 10 per cent share to, for what price, and when
  • She also refused to say whether she believed his infamous laptop was real
  • Questions come as the White House ethics report warns about corruption in art sales – and Hunter is staging high-profile gallery shows across the country 
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What about Hunter? Biden admin releases report highlighting money laundering in the art industry – while president’s son’s paintings sell for up to $500K to mystery buyers

  • The US government released a 38-page report with recommendations and initiatives aimed at fighting illicit cashflow and other misconduct
  • A section in the report deals with art and antiquities markets as being ‘especially vulnerable to a range of financial crimes’
  • Former head of the Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub flagged the section and pointed to Hunter Biden’s art sales  
  • Officials said they were timing the anti-corruption initiatives’ rollout with Biden’s virtual Democracy Summit occurring later this week
  • The administration will also make it harder for people to buy real estate under a shell company hiding their identity with a new transparency database  
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