Putin gives advice to solve the food shortages.

To summarize, since the video is in russian and only English captions are displayed:

1) The West’s poor policies have resulted in an energy and food crisis for the West.

2) Moscow is not blocking Ukrainian exports. But the Ukrainians placed a lot of sea mines off their ports, which would need to be cleared to use the port of Odessa.
Let them clear the mines and Russia will guarantee the safe passage of wheat cargo vessels.

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3) Wheat from the Ukraine can be exported from the port of Belarus as well, but the sanctions on that country (Belarus), would need to be lifted to allow that to happen.

4) Points out the negative impacts Western sanctions on Russian fertilizer will have also. He said the US reversed that sanction once they figured out it was a problem, but the EU has not yet reversed that sanction.


h/t JustmeTX


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