Putin To Turn Off Europe’s Gas Supplies This Week

by Chris Black

The same people who were cheering on sanctions against Russia are now crying and calling Putin a bully. It’s often the case that those who love to dish out the medicine are the quickest to wail in discomfort when they get a taste!

Here’s a cool story (related) a friend told me a few days ago:

Nearly twenty years ago in Cleveland there was a massive blackout that lasted three days. It eventually spread throughout the region and even hit Canada. It wasn’t like a blackout caused by a hurricane or other natural disaster. It just came out of nowhere. It was also the first major widespread blackout during the computerized age. Most of the phones went down as well, since they had been converted to digital systems. 

If you were around and lived in Cleveland for those few days, you got a real lesson. The amazing thing was that suburbs thirty miles away had power. The problem is that a lot of people couldn’t get there. You couldn’t get gas because the pumps didn’t work. You couldn’t pay for anything with a credit or debit card, because there was no power. You couldn’t cook and any place that was open, could only take cash. So whatever cash you had when the power went out, was your entire supply. 

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All of a sudden, those that held a supply of something became the most powerful around. I lived in a small building with a restaurant. The owner of the restaurant owned the building and he got tired of losing his entire freezer stock during power outages. So he paid a lot of money to have a huge backup generator installed that could power the whole building. It had enough fuel to run the entire place for a week before needing to be filled.

This meant I had power. I could pull in TV stations with my antenna to figure out what was going on. I could cook food and live normally. The restaurant became a beacon and everyone tried to get there to get food. There were ten cops stationed around the building during the entire blackout. The Crown Prince if Monaco happened to be in Cleveland during the blackout. He made some offer to the owner of the restaurant to close it down, and house only him and his entourage. The owner refused. The Prince had to sit at a tiny table in the corner with hundreds of other people in the place.

It didn’t matter how rich the man was. During the blackout, the richest man in the city, was the guy with a restaurant that had power. 

I went outside to see the crowd a few times. A lot of people couldn’t get into the restaurant. One guy said, “Wait, you live here? You have power?”. I said yes. He said, “So you have food. Like, hot food.” I said that I could make some. I told him I had some frozen pizzas, burritos, and other things. He said, “Man, I’m starving and want something hot. I’ll give you $50 cash for a frozen pizza.” He didn’t even think about it. He pulled $50 cash out of his wallet to pay for a $4 pizza. There was also a really hot girl who saw me and said, “You have power? Do you have TV then? Can you make drinks? I’d kind of do anything to be in someplace with power.” That was a fun night. 

Putin and Russia are the restaurant with power during the blackout. The US and Europe are those desperate people outside trying to get in.


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