Q-anon This Morning (Thursday): “Why Are They Trying To Normalize Pedophilia?

by Thinker

The posts are copied from qanon.pub/, where the order is “the last shall be first”, so to read in chronological order, start at the bottom and work up. Indented parts of posts are previous posts being quoted, either Q’s or other anons’. How much longer can the pedophiles twist the truth and get away with it?

Since the “Franklin Scandal” it would seem that the numbers of pedophiles in Washington D.C. has grown. Is Wikipedia protecting the predators? Are lies being printed to protect pedophiles? What did Wikipedia write about the “Franklin Scandal.”

The New York Times covered up what the Washington Post reported. Who do you think was lying? Two big papers on the same story with different version. Anyone who takes the time to research will come up with the truth. Boys were being trafficked out of Boys Town in Nebraska to Washington D. C. and why would one be paid a million dollars in damages, if the story was a hoax…NY Times…can you really believe what they print? W

Who’s protecting the predators of the children and who will throw themselves under the bus for them? How many are going down for the queen bee?

Flashback 2015 – DOJ Inaction Against Hillary Proves of Selective Prosecution in the United States

Pursuit of Gen. Petraeus—and of the author—speaks volumes about out-of-control prosecutorial power. In April of this year, former CIA Director David Petraeus, one of the most accomplished military generals in our nation’s history, was prosecuted and sentenced to two years of probation plus a $100,000 fine for giving his biographer classified material while they were working on the book. What was lost in the shuffle is that his biographer was a Reserve Army Intelligence Officer, who herself possessed a Top Secret clearance, and that no classified materials were ever published or provided to anyone who didn’t have clearance.

Mr. Petraeus’ plea agreement carried a possible sentence of up to a year in prison, and in court papers, prosecutors recommended two years of probation and a $40,000 fine. U.S. District Judge David Kessler, however, increased the fine, in his words to, “reflect the seriousness of the offense.” The zeal with which the government prosecutors pursued Petraeus, and have pursued other Americans who have spent their lives and careers defending and fighting for this country in battlefields, and in the war against terrorism, has raised questions and concerns about selective and political prosecutions – in Mr. Petraeus’ case, persecution.

But nothing amplifies, validates, and exacerbates those concerns and questions more than the government’s inaction, and outright refusal to initiate a full-fledged criminal investigation into the shadow government and secret server of Hillary Clinton while she ran the Department of State. Selective and political prosecution is a threat to every American. In December 2004, after an impeccable 30-year career in law enforcement:

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Waiting for Justice to be served, but no one wants it to happen.

2016 – Proof: The Obama Administration is Protecting Hillary From Prosecution!

This is it, Ladies and Gentlemen.

In 2015, Congress subpoenaed State Department records related to Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Attack. These subpoenas were legal and came along with what is colloquially known as a “preservation order.” That means that once notified they had to hand over the documents, the State Department was prohibited from deleting or hiding to files. After receiving the subpoena and preservation order, a State Department employee took the files that Congress wanted and moved them to a different location. When it came time to surrender the files to Congress, this batch was nowhere to be found.

It took a year for the State Department to find the documents and hand them over.

Do you have any idea how big of a deal this is? They impeded a Congressional investigation, they ignored a legally binding subpoena, and they deliberately hid documents. Whoever did this is going to jail for a long time. There is a systematic effort within the Obama administration to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution and from being investigated. So much so that they were willing to break the law to hide the documents!

They hid evidence! Force Congress right now to push for a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary and her associates for their crimes! During an interview, FBI Director James Comey said that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails was ongoing and that it will finish in due time. The FBI is under no deadline, he explained. They are going to release their findings when the investigation is complete.

The problem is that:


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