Q1 Stock Market Bust Up? with Sam McElroy

from Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network


Sam McElroy graduated from Hampton University, magna cum laude, and holds several financial licenses. He says that there’s no alternative to the stock market. Investors are staying in the market because they believe that the market always comes roaring back. They were slammed in March, but now they’re up for the year. The market could continue to advance and this has created complacency. However, a wise investor is always prepared for the inevitable pullbacks that inevitably occur. We could very well see a reversion to the mean. Will it be this year or next? Beware of corrections, but the timing is the tough part. Whenever the market is pushing higher, bears are always portrayed as alarmists. And then in a matter of days they can appear to be prophets. Covid has put a dent global wealth with 200-300 million people unemployed and trillions of wealth lost. Q1 pullback in equities? Or perhaps a consumption boom? Let’s see what happens next.

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