QCOM Vs. AAPL settlement. How I lost the opportunity to make $50,000 on a very stupid decision

by arminoxx


Hello Everyone,

I just needed a place to vent, because I just made the most stupid decision in my life, and I can’t really justify it to myself or anyone that I know.

Back in February, I decided that QCOMs case vs AAPL was putting a lot of pressure on the QCOMs stock price and realized that the options are very cheap considering the opportunity for a favorable outcome.

I bought 75 April 18 call options with a strike price of 65 for $0.10 each, and till yesterday night I was still holding them.

I live in Australia, so I am mostly sleeping during US trading hours. Yesterday, however, I woke up at 4 am and decided to put a limit sell order of $0.06 on my options to salvage my losses given that only 2 days are remaining till expiry, and went back to sleep.

I wake up at 7 am to go to work, and see the news and realize that my options would have been worth a small fortune and the contract is being traded at $6 each which would have realized a 6000% return for me in 2 months.

Long story short, I lost the opportunity to make $50,000 just because I made a very stupid decision when I woke up at 4 AM! I feel so disgusted with myself and I dont know what to do to feel better. I got everything right but screwed up at the last minute. I feel so angry with myself and having a mental breakdown, and I needed to let someone know what happened.

How do I live myself and go on with my life after that?


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