Quarantine? Forget that! NYC using the honor system! Self quarantine!

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I just read an article where they are talking about letting people who have come to NY from there, to self quarantine at home.

Isn’t that great?

NYC is gonna use the honor system.

Were screwed!


“When the first case does arrive, health officials said, that patient may end up in a biocontainment unit in Bellevue Hospital or sent home to ride out the illness in his or her bedroom. That will depend largely on how sick they are, public health officials say.”

Sent home? As in on the train?

This article seems to talk outta both sides.

One minute its talking about how serious and grave this is.

Then it’s like. Just carry on your daily lives. Just wash your hands.

This is NYC!!! Have you been on a subway?


h/t nythinker

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