Quebec PARTY Kids STUCK in Mexico – Airlines won’t fly them home!

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“Some members of a rowdy group shown dancing, drinking and vaping maskless aboard a flight to Cancun find themselves stranded in Mexico after their return flight to Canada was scrubbed and other airlines have declined to fly them home.

The group flew to Cancun from Montreal on December 30 aboard a Sunwing Airlines charter flight.

Video of the party on board has sparked outrage in Canada and an investigation by Transport Canada is underway.

Sunwing canceled their return flight …”

“…Air Canada and Air Transat have both said they will not fly the travelers home…”

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Isn’t the Internet and Social Media GREAT!! When we were kids NO STORIES got back about what we did on vacations until YEARS later, and then it was unprovable “rumors” which could be denied (with fingers crossed behind our backs)

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… NOW everybody can see it 2 hours after it happens on all sorts of Social Platforms, if not LIVE!! … and since it is on video and put out for public viewing the kids can’t deny a single thing!!

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STUPID Kids!! Bet their parents are PROUD!!

Apparently the Stewardesses retreated to the cockpit and barricaded themselve inside with the flight crew!!

Social Media Influencers Throw Wild Party on Flight to Cancun

“TMZ compared the scene to a “college frat party,” with the flight crew apparently giving up and sheltering in place away from the chaos.”



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