Quite the recovery from the lows today. PPT gets a medal!

by Chris

Yep.  So far so good for the jam-jobbers.

I wonder how many bucks it cost them?

Hard to say, but they really, really wanted to paint a double bottom here, to mimic the precise ones that worked so well in February, April and then again in July.

Golf claps for the thin-air money printers!

I, for one, am happy enough, because I still have a bunch of preparing to do.  Not even close to done yet with my new-found urgency to be even more resilient.

Plus my garden is not yet put to bed and I don’t have next year’s seeds lined up, and I am all but certain that these attempts are merely delaying the inevitable…and like ignoring a strange lump under the skin, delaying is helping to assure a worse prognosis.