Rachel Maddow Slammed After Being Announced DNC Debate Moderator

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Rachel Maddow Slammed After Being Announced DNC Debate Moderator. Rachel Maddow is under fire after being named a moderator for the first DNC presidential debates. Many view her as the wrong choice due to her being an opinion show host and not a journalist while others, including myself, are more concerned with her Russiagate rhetoric and calls for impeachment.

Many have pointed out that while other networks have had opinion hosts moderate they still think its a bad idea, citing Don Lemon and Megyn Kelly as previous moderators.

Assuming the Democrats will want to offer something real to the American public they need to stick to the issues such as healthcare and the economy. There is a concern that with Maddow she will start to push on impeachment and Russia which most Americans do not care about.

These lines can be used by conservatives, republicans, and Trump supporters to show how Democrats aren’t focused on solutions. It shows that they are just mad about losing 2016.

But more importantly it would speak to moderates and independents that the Democrats only care about old news and not moving the country forward and helping make the country better.


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