REAL Economic Data Reveals Collapse SYSTEMIC as Financial System Buckles Under Pressure

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As expected, worst sales data came through. Factory data also plummeted. The Fed is now concerned about the major downward trend that is present and could easily set off a new 1930’s breakdown. The deficit spending is historic and the debt has added up to levels never seen in history. But nobody really cares anyway since ignoring reality is so trendy these days. Well, i’m glad…


US retail sales plunge a record 16.4% in April 2020

106539060-1589546289435-20200515_retail_sales_april_2020.png (740×451)

106539105-1589547224663-20200515_retail_sales_april_2020_by_category.png (740×416)

U.S. Factory Production Plummets by Most in Records to 1919 – Bloomberg

One-Quarter of American Restaurants Won’t Reopen, OpenTable Says – Bloomberg

JCPenney Paid Top Execs Huge Bonuses Before Edging Toward Bankruptcy | Observer

2020-05-15.png (919×762)

bfmE595_0.jpg (955×554)

Cass Transportation Index Report | April 2020 | Cass Information Systems

‘Stealth Bailout’ Shovels Millions of Dollars to Oil Companies



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