Real Inflation Is Now In The Double Digits And Pain Is Coming


Real Inflation Is Now In The Double Digits And Pain Is Coming
Low wages and no middle class.
Demand is falling. But Prices are rising. Prices were up 20% across the board from just a few months ago .
Only one explanation for the paradox. The dollar is getting abandoned world wide after Trillions upon Trillions were printed.
The Dollar decline is increasing day by day! It is literally collapsing.
Hyperinflation is coming, and it is called DEFAULT.
It all make sense, less is being produced, and there’s more money. So less must be sold and prices must rise.
From mad money printing, to the stock market going to Uranus, the pandemic and isolation, to supply lines being cut and what their algorithms said would be the end result?
Inflation is not transitory as they claim. Prices might come down a bit, but not anywhere near pre-pandemic levels. Most everything is up 30% or more: food, energy, insurance, housing, etc.
Not sustainable and quite simply a result of excess money printing and artificially low rates. If we don’t crash, the only thing we have is high inflation and a large erosion of the middle class while the wealthy got much wealthier.
Someone, somewhere is trying to rip people blind. The middle class won’t last long now with that.

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