REAL Wages Decline as Economy Worsens Despite Stimulus! Store Closures, Jobs Cuts

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There have been considerable changes in 2020, just from a year ago. We have watched the markets fall and rise. Many have wondered what tomorrow will bring. More questions than answers. More uncertainty. More volatility. But one is for certain, our currency will lose value against real goods thanks to reckless policies, designed to enrich a small group at the top.


The Jobless Fear Being In Dire Straits As Savings Start To Run Out : NPR

AP-NORC/SAP poll: 1 in 4 US workers have weighed quitting

Coronavirus Pandemic Putting Damper on Holiday Shopping Season – WSJ

Real wages to go backwards in 2021, warns Deloitte

The next economic crisis: Empty retail space – POLITICO

INSIGHT-Time’s up: After a reprieve, a wave of evictions …

Store closures: twice the rate of last year as net decline now at highest level in five years

Host a Private Movie Showing at AMC

Pentagon estimates cost of new nuclear missiles at $95.8B


Federal Reserve debates tougher regulation to prevent asset bubbles | Financial Times

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Zombie-Companies.png (726×539)

Total-System-leverage-SP500-101020.png (716×490)

SP500-FedBalance-Sheet.png (630×354)

Total-System-Leveage-GDP-070720-1.png (718×494)

Japan-BOJ-GDP-Rates-090220.png (1071×563)

GDP-Debt-GrowthByCycle-041420.png (989×539)

These Are the World’s Best (And Worst) Pension Systems in 2020 – Bloomberg

Miso Robotics Flippy robot on sale for $30,0000 – Business Insider

Smoothie-making bot at Walmart signals the rise of the robot fast-food worker


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