Recently released video’s being released from overwhelmed hospitals now show the difference of reality!

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Don’t take the vaccine. They are using this virus to as an excuse.

But the virus is real.

They knew it was coming and only were waiting.

These are hospitals around the epicenter’s , large metropolitan area’s. So while everywhere else , right now , is not really noticing it , the fact that these medical districts are among the largest in the country says that it’s only a matter of time before people are forced to go to other hospitals farther away.

Some cities , like Houston for example , are much better off in terms of the number of hospitals and how much capacity they have. Houston actually has one of the largest and best medical districts in the world with a bunch of hospitals in the surrounding area’s which is why we are ‘okay’ for now.

This isn’t going to magically go away even with a demonic vaccine and while that might slow it down (as all our measures have only done) , in 6 months from now things might be really grim.

And they will begin to send people to other hospitals but they will be turning them away plus people worry about what that might mean for costs and such but that’s because the hospitals literally are not telling people that Covid bills are covered even for uninsured.




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