Recession 2020

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by TheCrunk1

The telegraphing couldn’t be clearer, we are being prime for RECESSION 2020. In the middle of this year, world economists being stating they are concerned of a coming recession, maybe by 2020. Now the mainsteam media have been given the go ahead to trickle stories about the eventual, and planned, recession around 2020. Expect many more stories like this during the marketing campaign for RECESSION 2020. Here is a nice example, preparing the population for the coming recession, telling people to not worry and simply retrain after a recession:

Essentially RECESSION 2020 will allow the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to go into high gear. For more information on the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, please see:

It will go like this, recession hits as planned, tons of people lose their jobs, companies go out of business, we are told in order for businesses to remain competitive automation will need to be implemented, we will see the true potential of blockchain, robotics and AI, we will need to retrain to be able to have employment during the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.

Once the 2020 recession hits, we will see further concentrated consolidation of wealth, resources, land, properties, basically resources is the catch-all term I would use, as outlined in Piketty’s book, and also just common sense. It will be bad for most, good from some, like 5%, and exactly as planned for 0.00001%. The information, the history, the economic literature, the government literature, is all out there, as most choose to ignore, this agenda continues undeterred.

I would advise all to save as much as you can now, once the next recession hits, posited to be 2020, obviously might be 2021, etc., jobs will go big time, companies will go “bankrupt”, meaning wages will stagnate or even decline, automation will kick in, meaning even less jobs in the future, and by future I mean in 5 years, austerity measures will be imposed by our militant government.

With terrorism on the rise, as planned, and the governments intentionally doing almost nothing to stem it, as inevitably more terrorist attacks occur, for our “safety” the police will need to be armed, we are already seeing the further arming of French and Swedish police, Obama gave the green light for a domestic army in his now infamous speech:

Universal Basic Income will be doled out, as outlined by the World Economic Forum, in exchange you will have to give up ownership and privacy, as outlined by the World Economic Forum. We will all essentially be in a surveillance state, for our own safety of course, it might not be that bad really, at least we will have cool VR to escape reality with.


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