Recession Is Coming: The Shocking Indicator You Can’t Ignore!

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by Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen of World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with David Moadel of Portfolio Wealth Global about the inevitable coming title wave on the near horizon, the recession.
As the yield curve inverts like we haven’t seen since 2007, every single recession indicator is now in play. There has never been a time where we saw this happen and it wasn’t followed by a recession in 18 months or less.
Bonds are getting crushed and we have been warning and reporting on this coming title wave for years. People said we were wrong and that’s okay, we will take 2019’s vindication. We reported 3 months ago on a smaller yield curve inversion, but now we are seeing a total inversion that is absolutely shocking.
David Moadel talks about what this means and how it relates to the future of money including gold, silver and of course cryptocurrency.
David also talks about interest rates, the so-called bullish stock market and how long the bubble will last, the future prevalence of China and India as they unroll a cashless system and look to replace the US Dollar as the world reserve currency and how it will affect individuals living in the United States and Canada respectively.
David also talks about what his biggest concern is going through 2019 into 2020 and how people tend to buy the stock market once it’s already in the green despite previous to the bull run as we’ve seen a very significant start to 2019 giving the rest of the year little room to truly grow. He also talks about what he’s most excited for going into 2020.

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You can find David Moadel on YouTube as well as at Portfolio Wealth Global online.

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