RECORD SMASHED: Nearly 50,000 cases in NY — in day! Crowds, arguments as demand for tests spirals…

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NEW YORK – The number of positive COVID-19 cases in New York continues to set records, as the state confirmed that 49,708 positive cases were reported on December 24 alone.

That number marks the highest single-day total in the state since the pandemic began.

Just 36,454 people tested positive for COVID on Christmas Day, however, far fewer people were out receiving tests.

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NEW YORK – Friday was the second day that free at-home COVID testing kits were handed out at pop-up sites across New York City, and in some areas of the city, larger-than-expected turnouts led to angry crowds and arguments.

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Kits ran out quickly at a pop-up site in Flatbush, Brooklyn and video showed the crowd at the site becoming angry, pushing, shoving, and shouting in an attempt to get one of the at-home tests.


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