Red alert: China owns reddit now

by marzipanmaddox

America is comparably as full of censorship, both soft and hard, and allowing China to control this place is the only thing that provides any semblance of legitimacy to this website.

Think of the extent to which China would defend open criticism of the Chinese government. Very low. Now think of the extent to which China would defend open criticism of the nation that is their major rival in the world. To an extreme degree.

You can argue, that yes, China can use this website to push the narrative into their own favor. As true as this is, the US Government and the US Media already viciously do the exact same thing that China does, extensive propaganda, even if the censorship is somewhat lower, yet nobody bats an eye.

If I were China, I would take this to the most extreme possible. Overpower mods, remove word filters, and basically do everything that is in their power to ensure the protection of free speech.

Having China drive the narrative is incredibly valuable. This sort of deliverance is the only thing preventing the “monopolization of information” that is currently being perpetuated by the Tech Giants. When they have this monopoly of information, the control what you see, what you know, and thus what you think, what you believe, and how you behave.

I truly hope they take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity. China is not a threat to the common people, China is a threat to the autocrats, the oligarchs, and the bureaucrats of America. China is a threat to the major player who currently overpower any opposition, control the narrative, and buy the elections.

Americans are similar to North Koreans in the extent to which everything they know is either fabricated or otherwise inconsequential. The American Government does not allow you to have access to any information they don’t want you to, so as much as you may believe in this illusion of freedom, it is truly only the illusion of freedom within your tiny cage.

If I were China, I would devote this website to exposing the US government, the corrupt elite, and other people who use an irrational and unjustifiable amount of power to gain tremendous social, political, and economical advantages by abusing and exploiting the gullibility and stupidity of the American people.

China, traditionally meek, traditionally unwilling to challenge the US, now has an incredible opportunity. They can use this website as a form of peaceful protest against the American government, to spread truth, to expose the awful misdeeds of the ruling class in America, and dare the United states, with their supposed ideal of freedom of speech, to censor them, to take the website off line, or to otherwise size control of the website.

China, in my eyes, needs to push freedom of speech to the limits, within the confines of the law, forcing the American people to open their eyes, standing in the middle of the road, protesting the government, daring the U.S. Government to shoot them, to fall back on their idealistic promises and remind the American people that authoritarianism and censorship rule just as much in the United States as they do in China.


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