Red Pill on the US Government

by Chris Black

There is literally no avenue within the federal state, be it Congress or the Supreme Court that will ever pertain to the interests and concerns of the American people; they even admit that our means of contacting them (be it phone calls or franking) has little impact on their decisions overall.

This whole political scene is a farce: think about how long it took for Donald Trump, when he was in Office, to get anything done, whether from his own incompetence or the hesitation and slacking of the Congress and Supreme Court to do anything of significance.

The GOP, the supposed “conservative” party lacked any responsibility or interest to secure the border, election integrity, inflation, Israeli and Chinese espionage, etc.

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Now compare to the immediate actions of the new administration, how easy it was to push for and instantly appoint a black woman who is incredibly lineate on pedophilia and child abuse crimes, who can’t or rather won’t answer what defines a woman.

Is it a shock to anyone, that a corrupt federal state crawling with criminals, pedophiles and traitors would have appointed such a figure?

They appointed a black female for the purposes of deflection (“You think she’s not a good Judge? You’re just racist and sexist”) as oppose to proving her of any quality.


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