Reddit is Looking to Suppress Free Discussion Heading Into 2020

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by ScratchyCow

Within the past few days:


  • They “accidentally” released an update that auto collapsed any comment that could be found offensive and added “potentially toxic content” written next to it.

It was instantly met with negativity from the community (look at the comments) and was then reverted. I believe they were soft-testing it and pretended it was an accidental early release when the negative feedback started to come in. Who decides what’s “offensive” on Reddit? Surely this will be used objectively.


  • They released “Crowd Control Beta”

This effectively allows moderators to set it to auto-collapse any comments that aren’t posted by “trusted users.” That’s right, your comments now won’t even show up. Maybe they’ll even put a gold star by your usernames?


Reddit is looking to create a massive echo chamber with the Crowd Control Beta (cant believe they actually used ‘Crowd Control,’ you know, the tactic used by police against protests and riots.) These changes will massively suppress free discussion, which ironically is the lifeblood of the site. Another main reason I believe they are starting to make these changes is that they want the site to be more “friendly” to the expected influx of users who are new, lurking with no account, or not tech savvy. Your aunt who comes to Reddit off a linked Facebook article. What is the end goal here? What is the actual vision for this site? It is spiraling out of control.


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