Reddit r/news is having a crisis over the leaked George Floyd bodycam footage, cant believe they haven’t locked the thread yet. Heres a taste.

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by f_bastiat


ABC/Disney Skips Leaked Video of Floyd Arrest, CBS/NBC Edit Out ‘Stop Resisting’

Monday was the first chance the liberal broadcast networks had at giving their viewers a fuller understanding of the day George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer as two body camera videos were leaked to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. The videos show officers struggling to get Floyd into the cop car with an officer telling him to “stop resisting” at one point. ABC’s World News Tonight skipped the videos entirely, while CBS and NBC aired highly-edited soundbites and omitted the order.

In the video Daily Mail posted on YouTube, Officer Thomas Lane had Floyd out of his vehicle and was trying to get him into handcuffs. At the 2:13-mark, Lane can be heard telling Floyd to “stop resisting,” to which Floyd said: “I’m not.” “Yes, you are,” Lane replied.

That exchange was edited out by both the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News. Instead, they chose to mislead. The included video below shows how both networks used the leaked video for selectively edited soundbites.

The media have seen these videos before when officials allowed the media to watch them, but not broadcast them. But CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell hid that fact from viewers. Telling them, “Tonight, we’re getting the first look at body cam video from two of the Minneapolis police officers who were on the scene the night George Floyd died in custody.”




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