Remember how Biden was supposed to be the guy who would restore the respect of our allies?

Afghan Military Officers: We Fought Hard but Biden ‘Abandoned’ Us.

The Afghan army relied on a network of planes and helicopters to deliver food, fuel, and ammunition to outlying outposts. Helicopters were needed to ferry the wounded and deliver replacement soldiers. Even the bases on Kabul’s mountainous approaches had to be supplied by helicopters.

While the Afghan Army had one of Central Asia’s largest fleet of choppers, he said, virtually all the mechanics and maintenance crew were U.S. contractors, many of which were withdrawn months ago. Helicopter repair facilities and spare-parts warehouses were largely located at Bagram Air Base, which was shuttered by the U.S. military several weeks before the Taliban took control. Fuel, once delivered by the U.S., was also in short supply.

It’s as if our planners wanted this clusterfuck.

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