Remember…the goal of the Dems and Media during this crisis is to destroy Trump. That’s it. Your health or job are the LAST things they care about.

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by Bob

Back in reality land …
1. Stop the shutdowns. They are economic suicide. And you never ever ever shut down the economy. Hope we learned this…probably not.
2. Open the businesses.
3. Wear masks in public.
4. Isolate the vulnerable.

Cmon…this ain’t rocket surgery. This is the ONLY way out of this…or see what 40% unemployment does to society, as the cities burn and law and order dissolves.

You cant shutdown your way out of this problem. You can’t make the “Number of Hospital Beds!” the controlling factor, which is all we hear about to justify obliterating jobs and businesses.

This virus is here to stay…it ain’t going away. Its gonna kill who its gonna kill. Just a new fact of life that we adjust to, or this entire thing we call America collapses.

We either put on our big boy pants, and a mask, and step outside and go to work…or this country is done…which the Dems and Media would love to see. Let’s not give em the satisfaction. Or…let’s let the libs isolate themselves and stay unemployed. That works for me.



UNEXPECTEDLY: Democrats Prep to Blame Trump for the Coronavirus Economy.

JUSSIE SMOLLETT IN SCRUBS? CBS Story of Crying Nurse Who Claimed No COVID-19 Protection Just Crumbled.

#JOURNALISM: How Misinformation About the U.S. Needing ‘1 Million Ventilators’ Spread.

“The error conflates the total number of ventilators required with the number of patients who may need the use of a ventilator over the course of the pandemic. How the error spread is a cautionary if convoluted tale.” The press has also done with ventilators what they accuse Trump of doing with chloroquine, turning a sometimes-useful treatment into a talisman. Only about 50% of patients on ventilators are surviving at best. And coronavirus aside, ventilators are dangerous: If you put a bunch of healthy people on ventilators for ten days, a nontrivial number would die. If you need a ventilator and don’t get one you will almost certainly die; if you need a ventilator and do get one, well, you might not die. Securing enough ventilators is part of dealing with this epidemic, but it’s not the only part, or even the most important part.



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