Remember The News about Bill Gates Wanting to release 750 million GMO mosquitoes?

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I remember this news first coming out 2 to 3 yrs ago. It never happened.
Apparently it’s about to take place in Florida.

Florida set to release swarms of GMO mosquitoes as residents decry ‘criminal experiment’ by Bill Gates-backed biotech

See also  Larry Fink filed with the SEC to sell $25M of Blackrock stock. This is not normal. Is Blackrock about to collapse?

Could they be planning on vaccinating people via the GMO mosquito?

Flying Vaccinator; A transgenic Mosquito Delivers a Leishmania Vaccine via Blood Feeding

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See also  Patrick Bet-David: 'Gun sales are about to skyrocket again. If the government won’t do its job to protect the border, families will have to do it themselves. It’s a very natural reaction.'

Also interesting to note they’re releasing them in Florida which is one of the states which has been trying to go against the passport and masks etc etc.

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