Remember the news anchor with the epic rant about government corruption? He's running for US Congress.

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In one of the most epic rants of all time, Dylan Ratigan went off about America’s completely corrupt system of government.

Today he announced he’s running for US Congress from his home district in upstate New York.
Former MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Launches Bid for Congress
He’s running as a Dem but he’s been consistently critical of both parties. (He had an epic takedown of Debbie Wasserman Schultz!)
Campaign website is here:
h/t Correctthereddit

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4 thoughts on “Remember the news anchor with the epic rant about government corruption? He's running for US Congress.

  1. Let’s be very clear. If he is going to run as a democrat who is not on board with the democrat agenda, then he will be shunned on the national stage. Perhaps he can get something done for his home district, but he will never make it to any committee that has a high profile. He was so against government corruption before he quit CNBC etc. I cannot see how becoming a democrat politician will give him a platform to do any good for anybody. Just look at the deep state activity over the last two years. If he makes too much noise he will end up like that Minnesota senator who died along with his family in a Cessna plane crash.

  2. If you want the status quo, keep voting the same as you always do. If you want change then try something different… vote the candidate not the party… especially, since both parties are exactly the same… corrupt!
    For Dylan Ratigan to step up and tell an audience what he did took guts. Something the majority of politicians are in short supply of. Ratigan should be commended, not condemned.

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