Remember when CNN Spread DISINFORMATION About Hunter Biden’s Laptop?

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In October 2020, CNN desperately spread DISINFORMATION about the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop. They didn’t even bother to check into the veracity of the story published by the New York Post beyond checking their own “intelligence community” that had a vested interest in seeing the removal of President Donald Trump from office. We have yet to hear apologies from CNN despite one of Politico’s correspondents verifying in a book that the Hunter Biden laptop story was definitely NOT Russian disinformation. All of the disinformation in this case came from social media which tried to bury the story and from the mainstream media, led by CNN, which pushed DISINFORMATION about the Hunter Biden laptop story. Thus far there has been no comment on this Hunter Biden laptop update from CNN journalist and reporter Christiane Amanpour who has “followed the facts.”



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